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About Elders of Iron®

You don't have to be old to be an elder of Iron.  You just need to have some time in the saddle and a passion for the motorcycle lifestyle.

Our brand was started by Kevin Williams, a true Elder of Iron.


*This is him, with his 1940 Military Indian Chief, "Ol' Green."

Kevin Williams with his 1940 Military Indian Chief motorcycle.


Kevin, a U.S. Army veteran and train engineer (not kidding) with a passion for vintage motorcycles, started Elders of Iron®, designing t-shirts that pay tribute to the past, present and future of vintage motorcycling.

Kevin's been riding motorcycles since he was about seven or eight years old, and has been a member of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America since the year 2000.

As Kevin says, he "really, really" loves old motorcycles.

I think one of our original designs, "Me Likey Old Bikey" - which was designed by Kevin - sums up his passion for the vintage machines he not only loves, but owns.

As Kevin moved on from the brand, we've continued to pick up where he left off and are still supplying high-quality riding shirts and motorcycle apparel to you, our customers.

Elders of Iron® is a family-owned, American company - and we're proud of that!

We are a division of Twisty Rider LLC, where you can find even more motorcycle apparel, gear and accessories.

Visit TwistyRider.com for more!

We're looking forward to creating more designs and bring even more apparel to our brand as time goes on.

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Get out there and RIDE!